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Not really a press release, just a copy of an service upgrade email

Announces Upgraded Retention of 1130 Days for NNTP-only service


We are excited to announce that just upgraded retention to a full 1,130 days for its NNTP Usenet service. Previously 1,050 days NNTP retention, all subscribers now get 80 additional days of retention at no added cost.

Retention for the web-Usenet service has not changed. The and plans continue to support 200+ days of web retention while the plan includes 150 days of web retention.

Don't forget that offers one of the lowest prices on NNTP service--For just $9.95/month, the plan includes unlimited NNTP downloads, 20 connections, free SSL-encryption and now 1,130 days of retention. This service package also comes with a to check out Easynews' slick newsgroup interface.

All new banners are available in your Usenet Junction affiliate panel. If you are not using the iframe banners, please login and update your banners. Otherwise, your banners are already updated.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.


The Usenet Junction Team

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